Our International division has decades of understanding the in's and out's of firearm exportation from the USA; whether it be a permanent or temporary exportation.

With the upcoming transition of USML Sec 121, Category I, II, and III being transferred from Department of State to Department of Commerce there will be a greatly easier exportation process and we look forward to helping anyone through the process.


From the very beginning, the vision for Royal Range was to be the very best training facility of its kind in this region: an unparalleled facility capable of hosting beginners, competition shooters, and military and law enforcement agencies alike.

Working with both architects and firearm experts, we created a 5 Star, state of the art shooting range th paralleled in its cleanliness, technology, and 1 million dollar ventilation system. Everything was constructed with safety and experience in mind!

Permanent Exportation

Temporary Exportation