We are an advanced Defense Industry trading partner with worldwide interest, working and conforming to all USA market/industry/legal standards.
Our industry registrations allow us to be a single source for procurement and logistics of the equipment and services you need, when you need them.

Terms and Conditions

We will only provide products and services to End Users that submit a Request for Quote/Request for Information accompanied by a Certified End User Statement.

Please submit this information to [email protected]

We will only sell equipment or services to those entities that are not on any embargo or sanction list. IF you are from a country that is on the DDTC embargo list, Department of Treasury sanction list, and/or a person directly listed as disbarred from obtaining an ITAR export license then please do not even contact us. We will not under any circumstance even entertain violating any International Trade Agreements.

We are able to facilitate and coordinate pretty much any shipping method you require. From chartered to commercial; from air to sea.

Absolutely not. We work directly with international partners the world over to ensure we have access to whatever products you require whenever you require them.