Closer Than Your Spotter

Hoplite Arms builds some of the finest off-the-shelf precision weapon systems currently available in the world.

We extensively researched other tier 1 bolt action rifle systems on the market, and cross-examined ourselves and our mission to pose ourselves a serious interview question: “Where do we see rifles in five years? In ten?”

“Cutting edge” doesn’t cut it if you’re only keeping up with the competition. Just as good HASN’T and NEVER will be good enough. We’ve completely rethought bolt-action rifle manufacturing, provisioning, and service procedures.

Others call their products “game-changing.” We say, “It’s game over.”


We build some of the finest off-the-shelf precision weapon systems

“Cutting edge” doesn’t cut it if you’re only keeping up with the competition. Just as good HASN’T and NEVER will be good enough. We’ve completely rethought bolt-action rifle manufacture, provisioning, and service procedures.
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Why Choose Us

At Hoplite Arms we build precision bolt action rifle systems, not pieced together contraptions from the industry parts bin. Our focus is toward specialized small batch component production, not large-scale assembly and its consequences. Each part is visually inspected, mechanically micrometer measured and then measured by laser to guarantee absolute uniformity.
Our Word Is Our Bond
We are shooters, specifically riflemen, first and foremost, and we will not send a rifle out into the field until we would feel confident squared up behind it. Our word is our bond, and we will always strive for perfection in everything we do. There is no other way for weapons, especially for those potentially headed downrange and into conflict. When a customer chooses a Hoplite Arms weapon system, we become partners. If their task fails because of our mistake…WE failed as well.
Each weapon system assembly is performed by a single specialist that is responsible for the entire assembly process. We do not utilize the assembly line approach when it comes to assembly and inspection of our weapon systems. Once a serial number has been assigned to the specialist; they own that serial number until final quality control inspection is completed and the weapon system is packaged into the hard case for shipping.

Applying Core Principals

From its inception Hoplite Arms was created to provide top-tier shooters with reliably rugged, uncompromising platforms for unparalleled accuracy. Applying those core principals through every aspect of testing and evaluation we have utilized techniques and materials which are not commonly found in the industry. In our professional opinion there is not a more rugged, reliable or uncompromising platform on the market today.

Send it …Game over …

Our Experience And Expertise

  • Years of R&D, and T&E in grueling climate extremes, from the Arctic to the Middle East.
  • Decades of experience in small arms manufacture and process control.
  • Overbuilt USA-made receivers, 3-lug bolt assemblies with bolt body/lugs and breech cylinder utilizing the Super Alloy Aermet 100 designed to withstand upwards of 2.5 times the PSI of other bolt-action rifles “Proof” load test at.
  • Hoplite Arms manufactured LARS chassis.
  • Custom match-grade, stainless steel barrel.
  • Simplified bolt construction allows for easy, tool-less assembly and disassembly for rapid field maintenance.
  • Obstruction-resistant receiver and bolt assemblies with aerospace-level tolerances.
  • Bolt design eliminates accidental firing pin-forward primer strikes.
  • No pre-orders policy streamlines order process without pie-in-the-sky fulfillment times.

Company Mission

  • The needs and concerns of our End Users dictate our actions.
  • We are process-oriented, and entirely customer-driven.
  • Our partnership does not end with the acquisition of Hoplite Arms good and services. It is a process that begins at initial contact, through ordering, during manufacturing and continues beyond.
  • We value your confidence in us, and, more importantly, we value your comments and promise rapid response to your concern

Company Values

  • What we do today is better than what we did yesterday, and tomorrow we will improve even more.
  • No task is too small to deserve our best efforts. Striving for perfection in all that we do ensures our quality and your absolute satisfaction.
  • The customer is never alone, never left behind. We are there to support you.