Hoplite Arms was created in 2019 to provide top-tier shooters with reliable, rugged, and uncompromising platforms for unparalleled accuracy. Those core principles are applied in every aspect of testing and evaluation. We utilize techniques and materials not commonly found in the industry.

At Hoplite Arms, we understand that when you are given a no-fail mission, you need the best in people and gear so that you can achieve success. We founded this company to provide revolutionary, next generation precision rifles to government, law enforcement, and civilian customers who need the leading precision rifle available on the market. We have brought decades of weapons and technical design expertise to the table to achieve a quantum leap forward in precision small arms.

To make this leap forward, years of full-time research and development have been poured into our current precision rifles. Our innovative weapon systems are designed from the ground up to be the next generation in precision rifle technology.

Our advanced weapon systems are capable of utilizing any standard production cartridges as well as our high-pressure cartridges. These cartridges take advantage of our next generation precision rifles’ capability to withstand and operate under higher chamber pressures.

This means that when you need to increase your weapon’s capability, range, and lethality, you can rely on one of our high-pressure cartridges. These cartridges will give you the capabilities you desire, without adding unnecessary weight, bulk, or expense to your weapon system.

At Hoplite Arms, we are avid shooters and understand that your precision rifle needs to perform on demand, at any time, in any place. This is why we have tested our products in every conceivable environment. From Finland’s winters, to the deserts of the UAE, our precision

rifles have exceed all performance requirements. We’ve painstakingly designed in certain tolerances, clearances, manufacturing processes and tech- nologies so that your Hoplite Arms precision rifle will chew through whatever adverse conditions it’s asked to perform in.

Accountability is a core part of our mission at Hoplite Arms. When you are accountable for a no fail mission, whether that be at the national, local, or individual level, you need to be able to have absolute confidence in your gear. When you buy a rifle from us, we take that responsibility seriously.

This is why we have instituted a rigorous assembly process.

We have eschewed the traditional assembly line for something more demanding. Our technicians are assigned a rifle serial number, and they build that rifle step by step, start to finish, by themselves.

Once a serial is assigned to a tech, they are absolutely accountable for that rifle until it is QC’d and ready to ship. When you are on a mission you can’t afford to have a bad day. As a part of your support team, we can’t afford that either. Whether your rifle is built on a Monday or any other day, you can count on never getting a lemon from Hoplite arms.

Legacy support, modularity, and factory options are some of the concerns that purchasers have when looking to update their precision rifles, especially in the world of procurement where funds are always closely held. When you buy a next generation rifle from Hoplite arms, we know that your new rifle will probably outlast you and your kids.

For us at Hoplite Arms, shooting is so much more than something we enjoy. It is a way of life for us. Our next generation sniper rifles are a core part of both our work and our recreation. When you need to find a superior precision rifle to fit your mission, don’t rely on an impersonal company with assembly lines, poor customer service, and a one size fits all approach.

Come to people whose life has been built around our passion for making and using the best sniper rifles in the world. When you choose to do business with Hoplite, we are committed to making your mission a success. You will be able to reach a real person with extensive knowledge for support, and if you ever need service or upgrades to your next generation sniper rifle, we will be here for you.

We only succeed in our mission if you succeed in yours! We wish you the best of luck, but when it comes to your rifle, forget luck and get a weapon system from Hoplite Arms.

When you are on a mission you can’t afford to have a bad day. As a part of your support team, we can’t afford that either. Whether your rifle is built on a Monday or any other day of the week, you can count on never getting a lemon from Hoplite arms.