Hoplite Arms was created in 2019 to provide top-tier shooters with reliable rugged, uncompromising platforms for unparalleled accuracy. Those core principles are applied in every aspect of testing and evaluation. We utilize techniques and materials not commonly found in the industry.

We’ve completely rethought bolt-action rifle manufacturing, provisioning and service procedures to provide you one of the finest precision weapon systems available in the world.

We are shooters. Riflemen, first and foremost, and we will never send a rifle out into the field until we feel confident behind it ourselves.

Perfection is our only pursuit. There is no other way for weapons, especially for those potentially headed down range, into conflict. When customers choose a Hoplite Arms weapon system, we become partners.

Every Hoplite weapon system assembly is performed by a single specialist whom is responsible for the entire assembly process. We do not utilize the assembly line approach when it comes to assembly and inspection of our weapon systems. Once a serial number has been assigned to the specialist; they own that serial number until final quality control inspection is completed and the weapon system has been packaged into the hard case for shipping.